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2 years ago
Shits so awkward u assume it's rape lmfao
Anonymous 1 year ago
Bro I kinda feel bad for this girl, in the first part she seemed so nervous, but I would be too if I walked into a room and was about to lose my virginity for the first time to a stranger
Henry 1863 2 years ago
What an ugly bold guy, where do they find them!
Tim 1 year ago
Destroyed? Perhaps not. The guy ain’t much to look at. They couldn’t find a better looking guy to fuck her?
1 year ago
He is so gentle with her
Alan 1 year ago
The girl seems far too afraid, and, they DO make lubricants!!
Sabaton 2 years ago
This is hot as fuck
1 year ago
What is he name
2 years ago
Khan 1 year ago
I want to fuck