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Diagonal 2 years ago
She is look sad:(
Critic 2 years ago
She is very innocent. I couldn’t watch it. She should only be adored.
Brad 2 years ago
It looks like she was slaved to do this she wasnt even into it and why she look 15 or 16 or sum
Kintok 2 years ago
Name girl
Anonymous 2 years ago
Name pleaseee
Escape 2 years ago
I am sad to see him
Butt...... 2 years ago
Even though this is fake.....if that girl was someone I was friends with, I'd be making sure the guy in this video gets his virginity taken by my Louisville.
1 year ago
Orus360 2 years ago
That girl's not a virgin.
Big lie...
These..... 2 years ago
Virgin videos gotta go!!
This is not a cool video.....